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hello and welcome to the basic introduction to icd-10 for the mental health private practice my name is Kristen Fitzpatrick I am the owner of kmf healthcare billing solutions and I am a certified icd-10 medical coder let me tell you a little bit about myself I have been in the medical billing industry for over 25 years my educational background our degrees in business management and accounting I was a medical biller and office manager for over 20 years before starting my own medical billing and consulting business before we get started I need to go over a disclaimer every attempt has been made to provide the most correct and current information as possible you are reminded to check your local insurance carriers and medicare for any updates or changes with icd-10 I also have to add that I may also interject my own opinion and impersonal interpretation my goal is to provide you with the most useful information without overwhelming you too much with details that may not be necessary in utilizing icd-10 successfully especially with mental health I want to explain and simplify the information as much as possible even if you have a small private mental health practice it is important to understand the basics of icd-10 let's go over the history of ICD and I will give you the condensed version of this ICD is the international classification of diseases I could give you a whole history lesson on ICD HIPPA EHR and this is just the basic information that you need to know and then I actually find interesting regarding ICD feel free to research further on your own in 1948 ICD was developed by the World Health Organization also known as whom the ICD classification system was designed to compile down on morbidity which is the rate or frequency of disease in mortality which is the rate or frequency of deaths in simple terms it was a system adopted to track the population in the rate of death due to what disease in 1966 the World Health Organization came out with ICD eighth edition this version was designed to be more useful for the healthcare professionals that actually treat patients but many health care professionals found ICD 8 left the detail that was needed for diagnostic indexing so that brings us to ICD 9 version and that is what we're currently using today it replaced ICD 8 in 1979 this version Streamlight ICD into the diagnostic indexing system that could be used for reviewing patient records in current medical care in 1994 who adopts ICD 10 in 1995 the United States was to align with who in adopt ICD 10 but was delayed yes 1995 and that brings us to 2014 an ICD 10 was delayed once again icd-10 compliance is set to be effective October 1st of 2015 in another delay is not expected if the United States had adopted icd-10 coding in 1994 I feel it would have been easier to adjust to the system practices are inundated with hipper EHR PQRS and other compliancy icd-10 just feels exhausting and paralyzing to an already overtaxed environment another...